My name is Romane BOBBERA, I'm 20years old. I live in the suburds of Paris. I'm a second year business student at EBS. I'm part of the humanity association of my school. I have to manage the communication. Moreover, I have been interested in marketing for a few years now an a business game organized by my school deepled my interest. I hae also discovered an interest for finance. This two field attract me because I appreciate creative areas, I always had a ease with numbers and I also have a good sense of analysis.Then, I love travalling, discovering new cultutres, lifestyles and landscapes. In fact, I think that it is important to be open-minded.This is why for my third years abord, I would like to be out of my element.


I obtained my economic and social high school diploma in 2015. Then, I studied on one year to the law university, but not being studies who suited me I changed to go to business school (European Business School).Within the framework of my studies I had the opportunity to leave one month to San Francisco, for "a digital expedition", where I learn the bases of the coding, the product management, Marketing growth, and to work on a project of start-up


Receptionist - Christmas Holliday

Store Management - NICOLAS(Wine Shop) - Summer Internship